Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kit

The leaders of DAP and the people of Pantai Remis gave YB Sdr Lim Kit Siang a surprise birthday cake before he spoke at the ceramah at Pantai Remis on 21/02/09.

Saudara Kit has given most of his 68 years to the fight for democracy, justice, equality and good governance in Malaysia. He was detained under the draconian ISA twice for speaking up on injustices he saw being perpetuated by the Barisan Nasional government. His first detention was in 1969 and the second during 'Operation Lalang'. (I remember when I was very young i.e. in the 1970s, that when he had just been released from the Kamunting detention camp, he came to my kampung in Sitiawan, Perak to greet the people. His touch/annointing had caused me to be interested in politics since then. I also remember taking leave from work when I was in Penang to welcome him back after his second ISA experience, which lasted 18 months.)

He is a man of principle, and deserves respect without reservation for his commitment and struggles without thinking of self-interest and self-gain. Despite all the hardship, difficulties and personal loss he went through, he still fights on not for himself but for the nation.

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