Friday, February 6, 2009

Evil triumphed over the GOOD?

Tears from Heaven

At 5.15 pm 5 Feb 2009, Ipoh started to rain, rained heavily. This was the time all the Perak State Exco, including YAB Menteri Besar who was legitimately elected to office on 8th of March 2008 was asked to leave Perak State Secretariat office. This sad event happened was due to the power crazy Barisan National grabbed of power from the Pakatan Rakyat government. The Pakatan Rakyat’s workers left SUK with tears of sadness and heavy hearts because of 3 elected representatives without principles was lured by BN to join them.We were sad because the way “thing” were taken away from us.The way power was taken away!

To the three, to prove that you were not bought over you should resign and stand for by-election. Let us decide who we want to represent us. Where is your conscience and where is your principle? To the BN, the only agenda you have is to gain power! Power crazy! You have been rejected in all the by-elections since march 08, so you dare not face the Pakatan Rakyat who has proven to be more capable and clean in every ways. Therefore you comes into power by the back door! Shame on you!
To all the Pakatan Rakyat ADUN and leaders, we will continue to be with you and support you and we love you. Just keep up the good works and we will fight on till we reclaim back the State of Perak for the people of Perak.
The fact that God stopped the rain at exactly 7.00pm to allow MORE Than 10,000 people to gather at the Menteri Besar residence clearly shows that God is with us. Despite the rain people all the races came together with one heart and one spirit to pledge support and allegiance to our beloved MB.People came from as far as Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Teluk Intan nad Sitiawan to show support. If not for the rain I believed there would be more people.
We just hope that HRH Sultan of Perak will hear the people’s call for the dissolution of the Perak State assembly to pave the way for a by election for the rakyat to decide who should be the government. Let the wisdom of the people be the order of the day.
We all pray that God Almighty will reign. InsyaAllah, ……..

posted by Jason ling


June.W said...

I'm a typical Perakian, during the recent CNY break, I heard many good thing about you guys did for the rakyat in Perak. The first thing is the land matter, which you guys have been handled with fair & square. For me that who has been staying in Klang Valley for more than 10 years, me too, benefit from what Pakatan Rakyat have been given to people in Selangor area. I dunno what a small rakyat like us can do except to provide moral support to you. Fight till the end, Ganbatte!!

Chara said...

God Almighty, He reigns and He is Sovereign in this situation. Take heart and continue to trust in Him. Though the fig tree does not bud... yet I will rejoice!