Monday, March 9, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat 1st anniversary gathering

Pakatan Rakyat commemorated its first year in power with a gathering at Dewan Tow Boh Keong, Kampar Road on the 8th of March 2009.

More than 5000 people packed the temple hall to celebrate the occasion and in support of the Pakatan Rakyat actions and reactions to the constitutional crisis of the past few weeks.

The crowd in the hall

The people outside the hall

More people outside the hall

The crowd in another wing of the hall

The people lighted the light of hope in democracy

All the people hoped for is justice for the people of Perak

Perak MB Dato' Seri Ir. Md Nizar Jamaluddin addressed the crowd

The Leaders released the balloons of freedom (from oppression!)

The leadership stands united

The crowd in a thunderous voice, unanimously said yes to all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders’ actions when the question was posted to the crowd. The speakers explained that all that they have done is allowed by the laws thus far and that they are law-abiding people.
The responses from the crowd clearly shown that the people wanted the State Legislative Assembly to be dissolved and by-elections so that they would have the government of their choice, and not a government that siezed power by the back door. Hak Rakyat dikembalikan!

The crowd also condemned the actions of the police in not allowing the legitimate Assemblymen to enter the State Assembly to convene their meeting on 3 March 2009 at the invitation of the Speaker. The court was also reminded to respect Parliament and the State Legislative Assembly as the highest legislative bodies in the land and that there must be a separation of the executives, the legislative and the judicial branches of government. The Election Commission must also act fairly and without bias.

Let’s look forward to a speedy solution to this so-called crisis in Perak so that the present global economic downturn will not hit the people of Perak badly. May all the energy, strength and the human resources of the government be pulled together to spur the economy of the state.

The speakers for the night were En Zukifli Ibrahim, YB V. Sivakumar (DUN Speaker), YB Wong Kah Who, YB M. Kula Segeran, Sdr Dr. Lee Boon Chye, YB Nga Kor Ming,YB Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham, YAB MB Ir Hj Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, YB Lim Kit Siang, YAB Lim Guan Eng (Penang Chief Minister).

For the comments of former Appeal Court Judge, NH Chan on the related issues, please refer to Malaysiakini-

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