Sunday, March 1, 2009

Barisan Nasional's U-Turn/Flip Flop Government

After reading in the Malaysian Insider today that the government had changed their mind about an earlier decision to allow conditional use of the word ‘Allah’ in a Christian publication ('The Herald', the Catholic weekly) I was appalled. The Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said that it was the government’s mistake. I shall not comment but would just to remind you of some of the ‘U-turn’/flip-flop decisions I have observed in the recent years.

Another example was the toll hike for five highways initially announced for the 1st March 2008. The next day the PM announced they have been postposned. The question is 'WHO is the BOSS?' And why the frequent U-turns? Is this how we teach our children how to be 'as good as one's word'? What about investors' trust in our government's policies?

Other examples are as follows:
1) In 2008, the PM annonced that Parliament would not be dissolved two days before its dissolution.
2) The Transport Minister announced that his ministry would allow an Australian low cost airline to fly from Malaysia to Singapore, but two days later said that there had as yet been no approval of this scheme.
3) An announcement of the resignation of the former Menetri Besar of Perak as Barisan
Nasional Chief of Perak was made by the Deputy PM on TV but on the same day and on the same TV channel the PM said he had not received the resignation letter.
4) Double U-turn for double rail tracks.
5) After BN lost in Perak, BN made an U-turn to grab power from the back door.
6) Let’s see the PM will make an U-turn on his decision to step down as PM end of March 2008.

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