Monday, September 8, 2008

ADUN Sitiawan dialogue with the people of Sitiawan on High Crime rate

Dialogue organised by Sitiawan DAP

YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham address the more than 300 people of Sitiawan during the 'dialogue with the Manjung police OCPD' at Kg Koh Chung Hua Kung Hui hall on 7th September 2008.

Manjung Police OCPD speaking at the dialogue with the people of Sitiawan on the high crime occurances in the Sitiawan area. On hand to hear the fear and grievances are the police officers from difference departments. Also present was the community leader who represented 52 associations and guilds of Sitiawan, Dr Koh Ing Bing.

The problems raised by the people of Sitiawan are, police inefficiency and the police 'discourage' the victims to make reports especially on snatch theft, house break-in and telephone's cable theft. The police on the other hands advised individuals to also help the police to fight crimes by been more alert and take precautionaries actions.

He advised all houses to switch 'on' certain lights, close all windows, rear dogs and keep valuables safely.The OCPD agreed to set up a residents committee to fight crimes that involves various bodies and the police.

The concerned people of Sitiawan, old and young came to hear what the police got to offer concerning the high crimes rate in Sitiawan. The people were not happy with the present ratio of 1 police:659 residents. Dato' Ngeh promised to bring this matter up in the Parliament meeting. We hope with the cooperations of the police and the people, the crime in Sitiawan can be greatly reduced so as we can live and sleep peacefully and our family can be safe. Together we try to make Sitiawan a good place to live in.

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