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Media Conference by Beruas MP & DAP Malaysia Deputy Secretary General at 11.00 am on 12 July 2014 at DAP Perak HQ, Ipoh Why Malaysia Human Trafficking Index downgraded - its immigration dept victimised the victim & refused to act against the perpetrator.‏

Immigratn not act perpetrator but arrested his innocent fiancée

Nguyen Thi Tuyen, aged 24, Vietnam Passport No. B8507915 came to Malaysia in 2013. She met and fell in love with a Malaysian, Mr Siaw Yong Chuong, aged 33 and they have decided to get married. The Malaysia National Department, Manjung office has fixed 16 July 2014 for their official wedding ceremony to be performed. Nguyen Thi Tuyen is now 7 months pregnant.

On 2.7.2014, Nguyen Thi Tuyen went to the Manjung District immigration department to extend her visitor's pas but was told to come back the next day as the officer in charge was not in.

The next day (3.7.2014 ), she went again to apply for the extension of her visitor's pas. She was arrested and detained and put in a police lock up on the ground that her earlier extensions of her visitor's pas were fraudulent ones and therefore, not valid.

Both Nguyen Thi Tuyen and her fiance were shocked. They realised that they have been deceived and cheated by one Siau Yu who had been doing the applications for the extension of the visitor's pas for Nguyen Thi Tuyen. Monies were paid to Siau Yu for the application fees & for the services rendered by him.

Mr Siaw recognised Siau Yu and knows where he stays and Siau Yu can be easily traced.

Mr Siaw informed the immigration investigation officer, one Encik Mohd Ridzuan but he refused to act. He then approached me for help. I contacted Encik Mohd Ridzuan and the immigration head of the Manjung immigration office, one Encik Mohd Faizal bin Zaidin on different ocassions and I was surprised despite my request they still refuse to act against Siau Yu.

Siau Yu can be easily traced. Mr Siaw has confronted Siau Yu to resolve the problem but he was unable to do so.

Yesterday (11.7.2014 ) Nguyen Thi Tuyen was sent to the detention centre in Langkap with a view to have her deported to Vietnam.

Mr Siaw show the picture of his fiance Nguyen Thi Tuyen

The following questions arise :

1.Why the immigration officers refused to act against the perpetrator ?

2.Nguyen Thi Tuyen is an innocent victim yet the immigration officers refused to help her.

3. Why the immigration officers refused to investigate but insisted that she has committed an offence and must be deported ? Nguyen Thi Tuyen has been cheated by Siau Yu & therefore, in law she is not guilty of the lapse in her visitor's pas and the fraudulent extensions as she had been cheated and she did not have the mens rea ( intention ) to commit the offences.

4. Is the deportation of Nguyen Thi Tuyen intended to prevent evidence from being adduced to prove some corrupt practices or people implicated with some syndicates involved in approving fraudulent extension of visitor's pas or some other approvals ?

With the treatment that Nguyen Thi Tuyen received from our immigration officers , one can imagine why foreign workers and those not so educated or well off foreigners who comes to Malaysia suffer in the hands of human traffickers.

The US State Department has on 20 June 2014 downgraded Malaysia to its list of the world worst centers of human trafficking i.e. Tier 3 category placing our beloved country in the same category as Zimbabwe, North Korea and Syria.

In view of the downgrade, our country may face possible sanctions. We could lose US non - humanitarian and non-trade related aids. We could face US opposition to help from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The downgrade could also cause multi national companies to reconsider their investments in Malaysia.

I call on the Home Minister to intervene immediately in the case of Nguyen Thi Tuyen to show that the Malaysian Government does protect helpless foreigners sojourning through our land. Of immediate importance, that Mr Siaw Yong Chuong and Nguyen Thi Tuyen will not be denied their right to get married on 16 July 2014 and their child will be born a Malaysian citizen and not Stateless.

MP for Beruas &
Deputy Secretary General
DAP Malaysia

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