Monday, May 4, 2009

Speech by Menteri Besar Dato' Seri Nizar

Opening Speech by Dato’ Seri Ir Mohd Nizar Bin Jamaluddin at PAS Lumut Division’s Convention on 3 May 2009 at The Lead View Hotel, Seri Manjung, Perak.

Dato’ Seri Nizar once again reminded the members that the new era in Malaysian politics involves a non-racial agenda. This is where the Pakatan Rakyat's strength lies. According to him, for the first time in Malaysian politics, people of all races could come together as one in social functions. This was made possible because of good understanding between all the political parties in the PR namely the DAP, PAS and the PKR. During the short 10 months before the UMNO/BN unethical and unconstitutional power grab, the PR government proved that the PR government was transparent, effective, trustworthy, just and cares for the welfare of the people irrespective of their race or religion. Even members of the Barisan National were given assistance whenever they are in need. This is one of the many good teachings of Islam --- one should not suffer nor die just because of his/her race for all human beings originated from one and the same ancestor.

Dato’ Seri Nizar also reiterated he was chosen to contest in the Bukit Gantang by-election recently because it was a contest of ‘survival’ for PR. The result was clearly a referendum of the sentiment of the people concerning the illegal power grab of UMNO/BN from the PR government in Perak. He highlighted the high level of cooperation and understanding among the PR parties’ leaders and their members during the by election’s campaign. This showed that the PR leaders are united and can work together very well. The people were angry and disagreed with the unethical and illegal power grab as well the way the UMNO /BN has ruled, not governed, Malaysia for more than 50 years. People in rural areas are fast catching up with urbanites in seeing through the lies BN leaders propagate through the BN controlled media.

He considers Perak a ‘mini Malaysia’ because Perak is a multi-racial state, where there are people who are rich and famous, and there are poor people as well. All eyes, even those of foreign investors, were on Perak when PR ruled. The leaders’ vision and the policies implemented, prompt approval of permits and the efficiency of the PR government had attracted many local and foreign investors to the state. Many others also had shown interest in investing in Perak.

The Menteri Besar would like to see the racial politics of UMNO/BN buried and is looking forward to seeing Malaysia as a united and peaceful country where all races can live happily and work together for the good of our beloved Malaysia.

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