Sunday, May 10, 2009

DAP Dinner and the Police's Invasion 9 May 2009

The DAP Lumut Liaison Committee organized a 'Bubarkan DUN Perak, Pulangkan Hak Rakyat' dinner on the 9th of May 2009 at SMJK Nan Hwa, Sitiawan. Perak. The dinner went on smoothly and in an orderly fashion until the police moved in to grab the amplifier, the VCD player, two LCD projectors and the LCD screens.

The organizing Chairman, Mr Wong Gay Ming giving a the opening speech and welcoming attendees.

Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham greeting the people of Sitiawan before the dinner started.

The attendees sang Negaraku and the DAP anthem.

Dato' Ngeh gave a powerful, dynamic speech during the dinner.
He recounted the happenings in the State Legislative Assembly sitting on the 7th of May 2009.
He told the people the truth, debunked inaccuracies in the printed and electronic media, and explained what actually took place during the sitting.

YB Ong Boon Piow shared during dinner on the 'Democracy Tree' and the events surrounding it.

YB Jeff Ooi, MP of Jelutong Penang giving his speech.
He congratulated the Perak Pakatan Rakyat government on a job well done, and on many policies and good things they have done for the people of Perak.

Speaker YB S Sivakumar was given a hero's welcome and was carried into the hall by the supporters.

Local and national leaders joined hands with one heart, one strength and one spirit to fight on for the people of Malaysia particularily the people of Perak.

Mr Wong Gay Ming collecting donations from the generous attendees for the administration and expenses of DAP Malaysia. The amount collected was RM4836.00

Sences from the intrusion of the police into the peaceful, orderly dinner.

Dato' Ngeh enquiring about the reason for the heavy police presence in the school compound around the hall where the dinner was being held.

Dato' Ngeh challenged the Manjung OCPD, Tuan Mohd Jamil b. Osman to quote the law that
prevents the people from knowing the truth on what happened in the recent state assembly sitting by viewing the video clip. The OCPD unreasonably just said that it had been a condition for the approval of the permit for the dinner.

The video clips that we tried to show can be viewed at the following websites:

The Scuffle! Lawlessness of the police

The Deputy OCPD Tuan Shaharuddin and his men grabbed the LCD Projectors, LCD screens. DVD player and as seen here were trying to 'rampas' the amplifier as well. YB Dato' Ngeh and YB Nga Kor Ming tried to prevent the Deputy OCPD from taking the amplifier away.

The Deputy OCPD was seen pushing Dato' Ngeh, showing no respect for him as an elected Member of Parliament and a State Legislative Assemblyman. What more the ordinary rakyat on the street?

Dato' Ngeh showed the police permit that we had obtained for the dinner.

WOW! the FRU was invading the hall. They rushed into the hall. This had never happened in the history of DAP-organized functions. DAP supporters are law-abiding people.

More FRU personnel outside of the hall. Did the DAP hold an illegal mafia gathering? Please get your priorities right! (Coincidentally, a snatch thief injured a student near Simpang Ampat Chinese Methodist Church at around 8.05pm He was robbed and slashed. He received more than 40 stitches.) The police should patrol the streets more often and need to do something about the present 'super high crime rate' rather than intimidating law-abiding people at dinner. Where is the wisdom? Please do your job well.

An innocent worker for the company that provided the PA system was arrested for trying to take back the DVD player the police had taken.

Some of the angry supporters who gathered outside the Sitiawan police station to show their support to YB Dato' Ngeh while he made a police report.

A few hundred angry supporters and members of the public remained outside the police station until the report was made at around 12.30am.


Otai Manjung MAN PARKOS said...

Selama PR berkuasa, kita tidak diperlakukan sebegini. Kita makan duit sendiri maaaa, bukan kita minta sama Be eNd! Ini tentu kerja kerajaan haram yang tidak senang dgn kita. Pastikan mereka tidak ada lagi di bumi Perak ini. Selamat berjuang Dato'!!

Ngeh Koo Ham said...

Thank you for your encouragement Otai Manjung MAN PARKOS

anthony said...

make the cd widely available. the police cannot confiscate every copy. the rakyat should see and hear for themselves.

the reb

Voices Of Taiping said...

Aiyah! YB Ngeh, why susah susah interupt the police from carry out their duty woh, they doing LIVE SHOW at the hall leh, you all can save electricity and energy, no need to produce so much solid waste from the plastic of the VCD laa, I doubt they can be recycled. SAVE THE PLANET! Global climate change is on the way to destroy us.


Antares said...

This police intimidation is beyond BODOH- even for Bodohland! Each day we have a crooked cop like the Musang in charge of PDRM is another victory for the criminal elements in the country.

YB Ngeh, I just want to say the Perak crisis precipitated by Mr Pink Lips has brought out otherwise unknown heroism amongst the Pakatan MB NIzar, state exco members and especially Speaker Sivakumar. For that we must be grateful to the evolutionary retards in Umno/BN.

I salute and fully support Pakatan Rakyat's commendable determination to hold its ground against all odds. You may find this blogpost amusing :-)

mINg said...

This is how we are being treated now. what can we do now? I'm afraid very little. All the legal institutions from the civil service, police and even the courts side the UMNO/BN government. Are we the RAKYAT who pays them their salary going to stop at where we are now?Definitely not.Please do all you can to protect the interest of all Malaysian especially in Perak.Sitiawan is my hometown and I believe this is the first time FRU is being deployed there.Gosh, I'm just wondering how stupid the 'pihat atasan' UMNO/BN can be?
YB Ngeh, please be wise and make the right decisions.We the RAKYAT will support you.
Change will come!And it's going to be huge - in terms of votes.Non of the people I know is happy of what's happening in Perak and Malaysia as a whole.UMNO/BN can kiss our vote goodbye!

Eric said...

It is beyond belief. Hisham and Najib have lost it. They'll pay for using the polis as their own security firm.


Azizul said...

This is another sad day for Malaysia especially to Perak... I'm a Perakian and I'm a Malay.. the undemocratic police actions nowadays have shown to us how coward this new BN's administration are... yet they talk about 1Malaysia... they just dont want ordinary people to know the actual facts instead only listen to their bullshit excuses and propagandas... Should we challenge them in open battle? the answer is no... bcoz they have all the powers and weapons... trust me... deep inside the heart of majority Malaysian... come PRU13... BN will be buried alive...

Thanks to all brave ADUN PR of Perak especially to brother YB Sivakumar for his courage in standing tall and fight for justice... same to you Dato'... may Allah will always be with us in fighting for the sake of majority Perakians...

Goku said...

good job police

we need to clamp down on these commie sympathisers. dont give them an inch. when possible crack their skulls with cota and unleash the k9 dogs. its ok. i mean opposition are not really humans. they must not get the same treatment as us BN supporters. they disrespect the law, disrespect the sultan, disrespect the social contract and disrespect the Prime Minister Najib

by doing so they are TRAITORS to malaysia. we must no longer use soft approach with these pigs. if need be fire at will. no one will weep when these commies and anarchist dies

Barisan Nasional forever!

Laksarian said...

Hi obefiend... *muacks*

Leong Seng Chee said...

LOL @ Goku. Obvious troll is obvious. /K/ has invaded

Goku said...

ohai thar

/k/ for life

Charles said...

polis unjing amno... onli know lick najis balls

Nahvin said...

Dato, You just carry on what you guys are doing. If this is not it, we will show it to them on the next coming General Elections. Definately there will be a change, and these are the people who are going to face the trial times later on. The Rakyat has and will support you !
Nahvin Chinaya
DAP Ipoh Barat Member

NutzeyWagen said...

Born and bred in Sitiawan, Simpang Empat to be exact. Cari makan up North, but heart always here. Fight on, YB! Do not relent!

LordSimon said...

My mum was from Simpang Tiga. Although I can't say I have grown up in Perak. But my heart is in Perak all the while because of the warmth and kindness of the people in Sitiawan. Nan Hwa is where my mum studied last time.

I am indeed very proud of you, Ngeh. You are one of the most capable YB that I knew of.

I don't wish to see Perak plunge into a deadlock with no definitive government ruling. But suppose if all these drag on for longer, I can see a spike in the number of PR supporters in the GE-13. People will see through the darkside of BN.

Be it one way or the other, I am supportive of PR to end all these nonsense political games.