Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Open House at Pantai Remis

Chinese New Year Open House hosted by YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham
and YB Nga Kor Ming

Arrival of YB Nga Kor Ming accompanied by Mr Lim Chong Eng, DAP Pantai Remis Branch's Chairman.

Arrival of YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham

accompanied by YB Nga Kor Ming

The well wishers who came to wish our beloved, hardworking YB Dato' Ngeh and YB Nga at the open house.

There were more than 2500 people of all races who came to celebrate the auspicious occassion together.
Dato' Ngeh,in his speech said that this freedom to celebrate respective festivities of multi races and cultures is possible was because of the DAP's stand for Malaysian to live in harmony regardless of religious or culturals differences.DAP came strongly agaisnt Tun Dr Mahathir's intention to turn Malaysia into one language ,one culture and one nation.

With multi races, Malaysia has an advantage over others because we can do business with China, India or any other countries with ease because of our many respective races of representations.There is no barrier in communications.

Pakatan Rakyat recorded the highest ever revenue collected in the history of Perak with RM636millions collected in the year 2008 meaning
RM97 millions more than the previous year.
Dato' Ngeh reiterated Pakatan Rakyat Government in Perak will strive to perform the best for the people of Perak despite the
anticipated world economic slow down.

Part of the 505 poor and needy people of Beruas, Pantai Remis and Sitiawan received Chinese New Year Ang Pow and goodies from Dato' Ngeh.

posted by Jason Ling
for Dato' Ngeh

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