Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Orang Asli Land Grants

The state Pakatan Rakyat government in recognition of the Orang Asli's rights has recently announced giving land titles of 8.25 acres to each households. We strongly believe this can certainly elevate the social economic status of the orang asli, which is one of the poorest citizens in Malaysia. With good management and implementations these orang asli can become rich and progress and become at par with the rest of the societies.
We have go a step futher in initiating the forming of the high level committee members which consists the state Exco,all the Orang Asli groups, all the relevent government agencies and the NGO, namely the Bar council representatives besides specially appointed one legal adviser in the person of Mr Augustine Anthony.
The 3 major tribes of the Orang Asli will inturns form a 'second tier' working committee to further deliberate on the actual needs and how best the lands issues can be resolved and grants given so as the Orang Asli can start to toil the lands that actually belongs to them and they can feel proud of and most of all they need not have to worry that the lands that they have toiled and stayed for decades be taken away without mercy.
The Pakatan Rakyat government is proud to be a welfare government which really take care of her peoples irrespective of race, religion, tribe or culture.
Therefore we hope the 'second tier' committee members can work efficiently and in unity to address all issues pertaining to all Orang Asli.
We look forward to the day where all the Orang Asli in the whole of Malaysia, particularly Perak to be the role model are all well off, and not lack behind in any ways.

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