Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flood in Sitiawan, Perak

Taman Indah Kg Koh
The flood water has caused the fire hydrant to be submerged in Taman Indah, Kg Koh, Sitiawan,Perak.Other areas affected are Taman Berjaya 2, Taman Muhhibah, Taman Harmony, Taman Sitiawan Maju 1, Taman Hijau 1,Taman Kuok Thai,Taman Singa Baru, Taman Bunga Raya,Pekan Gurney, Lekir, Taman Mawar and others.

Taman Mas Kg Koh

Dato' Ngeh visited the flood victims in his Sitiawan constituency on hearing that many parts of Sitiawan has been affected.
The heavy downpour in Sitiawan on 21/10/08 caused flash flood that affected more than 1000 households in Sitiawan.

Dato' Ngeh assessed the damage done at one of the resident's house in Taman Kuok Thai, Sitiawan. JPS's engineers and MPM's engineers as well as Ahli Majlis was also called to study the situations and to solve the flood problems to prevent recurrent in the future.

Dato' Ngeh also empathized with the victims and inquired whether they need to be evacuated.He assured the victims that he will be available anytime when any needs arises.

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