Friday, March 30, 2012

MACC must explain

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) must explain if UMNO leaders are interfering in their investigation process or privy to their investigation. BN charging PR elected representatives to distract them from their political campaigns against BN’s misuse of power.

Two days ago, a tweet in the twitter account “Sungai Rapat” stated that YB Nga Kor Ming who is the MP of Taiping and the State Assemblyman for Pantai Remis will be charged in court soon with regard to a tailoring business in which his wife was a passive investor.(!/sungairapat/status/184475844377444352)

The witnesses called by the DAP Disciplinary Committee include 6 Pakatan Rakyat Perak Government Executive Councillors and the Ipoh City Councillors who were in the tender committee have cleared YB Nga Kor Ming of any wrongdoings.

The twitter account “Sungai Rapat” is believed to be operated by the people engaged by current BN Perak State Government Senior Executive Councillor, Dato’ Hamidah bt. Osman as the said name refers to her state constituency.

If at all the contents of the tweet is true, I am puzzled as to how UMNO related people know of MACC’s decision while a case is still under investigation.

This matter is an issue of grave concern as MACC is clearly not independent if UMNO interferes in its investigations or is privy to the cases handled by MACC.

BN has caused many PR elected representatives to be falsely charged in court to distract them from the political campaigns against BN’s misuse of power. Among those PR elected representatives charged in court include YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Karpal Singh, YB Tian Chua, YB Tony Pua, YB Lau Weng San, YB Mahfuz Omar, YB Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad and YB Dr Hatta Ramli.

Hence, we call for MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed to clear the air to maintain MACC’s integrity in this investigation.

29 March 2012
YB Ngeh Koo Ham
Member of Parliament for Beruas

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