Thursday, October 8, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Saudara sekeluarga dijemput menghadiri Rumah Terbuka Kawasan Parlimen Beruas

Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham

9/10/09 (Jumaat)

3.00 petang

Markas PAS, Batu 16, Ayer Tawar

Tetamu Khas
YB Nga Kor Ming
Ustaz Abu Bakar (Persuruhjaya PAS Perak)

Semua dijemput hadir. Datanglah beramai-ramai!


aawilliam said...

Sorry out of topic.So BP by- election,PKR lose.Pas!do you still want to watch dirty linen in public?Enforce this,enforce that?We just learn how to walk don't try to run so fast.That's my simple advice.The same goes to DAP in Sitiawan.B4 you try to enforce anything to change any rules and regulations when in gov.please,please,plaese,consult the not so educated people on the street like us,your strong supporters.The police and MPM enforcement team have been fooling around with the regulations set by MPM toward businessmen in Sitiawan,do you know that?I bet you all don't.The public said,BN in gov. is better ,the police will leave us alone won't disturb so frequently.NOW BN in gov......things changed.This are how they play you out.They(businessmen) feed back it to me,to let you know.Now night business cn operate till wee hours.......between now and then who to choose?My not so educated advice..........try to walk slowly then jog,don't run so fast.:D

aawilliam said...

They said your YB is legal-eagle smart but not on the street.

jasonlhling said...

Surely when PR just became gov. out of the blue, everybody was shocked/excited.... So the top leaders will see who can or know how to bodek and the second liners(some out of nowhere) would try to outshine or outdo the others. Some malevolent also surfaced!

On the issue of when BN rules, it is easier to do business can be true-cos lots of things can be done with/$#&*%^....but PR rules differently.

aawilliam said...

Feedback from public,DAP won't win as much as 308.Don't be too confidence.Work harder.

cindy said...

William, there r benevolent and malevolent ppl or leaders in any political party.Arrogant or humble.Straight and 'snake'. There r up and down in life too. So it is up to individual to behave n to make a choice.The result of the election will be decided by the ppl/voters depending on the party or candidate. I opine that one need not be arrogant or too proud once given a chance to lead or to serve, but to serve with a humble heart. Yes! serve the ppl and work hard and work smart too lest ppl think that we are 'stupid'
Oh! yes second liners 'leaders' resurfaced again trying to 'outshine' and 'outdo' each other with evil motives...... just wait and see what I mean.

jasonlhling said...

William, you see the kind of accusations they hurled against me?-Saying that I demanded letters must go thru me-I think was the other way round- I saw and knew the accuser demanded many things and took away many .....from me-I just let it be. Do you think I will demand such a thing? Ridiculous! for heaven's sake!!!!!.I always believe the truth will set me free. The evil one will come and steal, kill and destroy.

aawilliam said...

Heard what the president of Philippines (Corazon Aquino)said after her husband was assasinated? "The world most thankless job"Take care k?

aawilliam said...

Have a look here.....

jasonlhling said...

Just for sharing -
--A family that play and eat togther
is the family(political party?) that stays togther.
-- Overprotective child will becomes a spoilt child.
A spoilt child will bring disgrace to parents(party)