Friday, September 4, 2009

The Team serving the rakyat

A new member has joined Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham's existing public service team which serves the Sitiawan State constituency and Beruas Parliamentary constituency. She is Ms Lin Hui (012-5233730) (to the right of Dato’ Ngeh in the picture).

She will be in charge of the Beruas constituency based in Pantai Remis (05-6772797).

Mr Paul Yong, Political secretary (012-5184733) will be the overall coordinator for both constituencies. He will represent Dato’ Ngeh at dinner functions and all press conferences and also attend to all problems faced by the people in both constituencies.

Ms Anna will be based in Beruas (05-6748152) (seated furthest to the right of Dato’ Ngeh)

Ms Guak Sea (014-2556543) (seated to the right of Ms Lin Hui) will assist Ms Lin Hui in the Beruas constituency.

Ms Ling (05-6919923) (not in the photo) is handling the Sitiawan constituency.

The other volunteer team members are as follows:

Mr Wong Gay Ming (016-5582622), Lumut Liaison Committee Chairman, will coordinate all issues from DAP branches and other Pakatan Rakyat parties in the Lumut Parliamentary constituency.

Mr Cheong Peng Choon will sometimes represent Dato’ Ngeh at dinner functions.

Anyone person with issues pertaining to the police, JPJ, National Service, Municipality, Yayasan Perak, Lands and Land Valuations, Birth Certificate, National Registration (JPN), Dermasiswa Negeri, Dermasiswa Kecil, LAP, TNB, TM, JKR etc. can contact the team member closest to you.

Posted by jason ling


Otai Manjung Man said...

Dear Jason, saya syorkan maklumat alamat pejabat dan no tel 'the team' wakil adun diiklankan sebelah kolum kanan di blog(side bar banner)di bawah gadget 'abot me'. I suggest use text gadget with the title 'servanthood volunteer' or any else.

Congrate for the team! we salute the volunteer to serve the rakyat!!

Don't forget to sms me any dap sitiawan and pantai remis (manjung district)program.

jasonlhling said...

Dear OMM,
Thank you for your suggestions.
I will inform you on any activity.
Jason Ling

Perawi said...

Syabas, Semoga niat hati suci, sebagai pemimpin mu dihormati. Terus lebarkan sayap keSabah & Serawak demi hasrat Pakatan Rakyat.

88 kerusi parlimen bermula disana, semenjung BN sudah kalah.

aawilliam said...

Pass the message,Jason, to the new team.Why they can operate till dawn,I cannot.You know what I meant and they know who I am.Tak boleh pakai.Sorry for the harsh words.

aawilliam said...

NOt even a little pass midnight do you think that too much to swallow?

aawilliam said...

Cannot fight them joint them?

aawilliam said...

Ask MPM officer how much do they want....I also can afford to "pay".Money Talks?

aawilliam said...

YDP MPM Zamry can you hear me?

aawilliam said...

My website is wide open.....sue me?Correct correct correct me if I'am wrong.

aawilliam said...

Jangan bikin tak nampak,all I need is a fair playing ground.

aawilliam said...

If you delete my comments,I go to thepress......HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. Black mail you now HAAHHAHAHAHAH

aawilliam said...

Sudah hilang kesabaran.

aawilliam said...

If they can't do it,I ask Dr Zamry for advise.DAP ppl ask UMNO for help .......LOL

aawilliam said...

Ulang Tahun Pertama Tropicana Net Taman Samudera.Cyber-cafe yang tak boleh berniaga selepas pukul 12.00 malam.Yang lain BOLEHHHHHHHHHHH.

aawilliam said...

Dr Mahathir practise selective memory,MPM practise selective emforcement,DAP practise selective people to help.Am I right?When in power you enforce it.It will come back to haunt you.Who will dare to support the opposition openly.Play smart,we play stupid.Once bitten twice shy.

jasonlhling said...

I understand yr predicaments.Be patience bro. I know you had helped DAP in many ways. Not many ppl worked like you worked. That's why I never say no whenever you asked me to help. right?
I went round to check those cyber cafe twice. Once at 1.30am and another time at 2.45am till 3.30am. It was true that many of the cyber cafes were still opened. I fed back to MPM penguatkuasa and suggetsed to call all operators for dialogue and review all the guide lines for all operators.
Anyway it is beyond our...... now that we are no longer the government of the day.
I saw many '$$$$$' involved in this business that was why I gave up my intention of doing this business eventho I applied for the licence and went thru all the procedures.

On the question of been selective to help, I must say tha even tho we are no more in government, I still help anyone who has confident in me to help them in anyways. I helped ppl with NS training,JPJ road tax, Mykad, Land valuation problems etc. Some of them I need to bring them to government offices or lawyer's off too. I also had gone to gov. offices and at times brought them to Ipoh to settle their problems eventho after the so called the power grab by BN. Just 2 weeks ago I had helped one to renew road tax after been told he was black listed. I called KL Putrajaya several times and finally the problem is settled.
I always find joys and fulfilment in helping people whenever I can.
Of course I must admit that there are still many things I am unable to help........ Yeah, today I also helped someone(new up and coming businessman) with his business registration issues.
I must state here that the MPM has responsed to my complaints well. Many complaints I brought up to them are solved very fast. Just last week they helped to repair 2 places I brought them to see.

aawilliam said...

Jason,do you still remember the meeting between MPM officers and CC owners? b4 they start to enforce the rules and regulations on CC?NO one not even 1 DAP councillor was present,even after I informed them.PKR 1,PAS 1...DAP NONE.The meeting really got no purpose.When I recall back,it make me puke.Do I look like a stepchild to them?Today onward,I'll criticies them in public.

aawilliam said...

Before PKR took over the state gov,who are we??? Like beggars.After taken over the gov.,all hell break loss.Apple-polisher everywhere.Suddenly we becomes not so EDUCATED(post for donkey in MPM).I heard thats also the story in Ipoh.Am i right?Members quarrel among themself no one come and help to settle,all b'cos of............we play stupid.Must learn how to apple-polish someday.

aawilliam said...

The stricter the rules(regulations)the more easier for them(MPM) to cari makan,the educated people don,t know meh?Follow rules and regulations,my foot.Who follow who die.

jasonlhling said...

I tend to agree with u in many issues. In politic especially, one not only need to have money but qualification too-from paper mills or otherwise. One need to learn to talk,apple polish (like u put it) and need to work smart ie anything u have done and any issue ---goooo public get the reporters to write somethings rightly or wrongly. Hey I heard smart ppl received any complaints sit on it and throw the complaints into waste paper basket!!!!!!
Oh yes one more u need to rub shoulders with the rich and famous (YBs, MPs Exco,ministers etc....) Walk beside them and ppl will see u and also get free publicities in the media.So one need to be smart(or crook? snake?) to b in politic.
There is a Fuqing saying--used as a leg to kick the dog--or the rat help the snake to bore a hole.
william, we no need to 'sulk' or be angry when one is marginalised or sidelined. One should know when to say enough is enough. And do what one think is beneficial.
So it is important that we shld know who we are serving--PEOPLE? PARTY? or the God we believed in.
Hope u will continue to fight on with us in the same platform.

aawilliam said...

Watchdog for the underdog.No need to give face anymore.

Ros Saidi said...

Dear YB,
This is not only meant to you but all other YBs. I may missed it but can we have mixed races staff instead of only one race. We should leave race based mentality to BN.
I know they are serving all races but it is good that we do not only serve one race but seen to be serving all races

jasonlhling said...

Dear Ros Saidin,
Thank you for your feedback.For your information, Cik Anna is a Malay girl and she is helping the public in Beruas area. We used to have Kesavan helping the Indian community. He has left us. We also helped the Indians and the Malays who approached us for any kind of assistance.
Jason Ling

RJL said...

The Team - SITIAWAN (CITY A ONE), once a properous town bucthered by the BN. compare with Manjung city now. Built an "white elephant" bridge and a sore eye divider along the main road, somebody got rich by that.
Please ask YB NKH to have a serious look and reclaim some former glory of the town. The Businessman Community of CITY-A-ONE is in a deperate state to revive business in the town center.
Please GET RID of the sore eye divider and have a more handicapped and friendly enviroment for the poor shoppers instead of having to climb the overhead brigde up and down with some shopping bags in hand. There are many ways to make the street friendlier and safer instead of imposing that even the granny MUST use the bridge to go shopping. Please lah, have some mercy. Desperate and urgent help is needed here.

RJL & Sitiawan Businessman Community.