Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Malays are Cowards - Says Utusan Malaysia

According to the Malaysian Insider today, Journalist Noor Azam of Utusan Malaysia opined in today's paper that the Malays are cowards - they dare not stand up against the Chinese and the Indians.

While our Prime Minister is trying to unite us (sincerely?) and promote 1Malaysia this journalist is trying to divide us, play with fire and cause disharmony. We in the Pakatan Rakyat are doing all we can and have achieved good results in uniting all the races but there are certain quarters trying to destroy the peace we have enjoyed thus far.

This is a threat to our national security but will the Home Ministry invoke ISA on the journalist? I call on all peace-loving Malaysians and Pakatan Rakyat members together with all their supporters to boycott Utusan Malaysia

posted by jason ling and edited by Bénévole Anonymne


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