Thursday, August 20, 2009


"The shit has hit the fan"

The letter supposedly given to lawyer Gobind Singh Deo concerning Teoh Beng Hock's interrogations by the MACC was handed over to the Commission of inquiry yesterday revealed by RPK on his blog, Malaysia Today. There are good souls with consciences and are upright in the MACC who cannot tolerate injustice and corruption within MACC itself, the so called ANTI-CORRUPTION AGENCY (B*llsh***..........) They investigate only PR politicians!!!!!

The onus is on the UMNO/BN government now to investigate without fear or favour as Hishamuddin said. There should not be any cover up. The truth will definitely be revealed.

Those heartless people who said that TBH had ommitted suicide need to apologize to his family members now that the truth has started to surface. Dr. Gigi's days are numbered!

posted by jason ling and edited by Bénévole Anonymne


aawilliam said...

Men without honour.

Otai Manjung Man said...

The whole TRUTH will prevail. Struggle to our utmost!! - DS Nizar @ Jamuan Makan Malam DAP di Pundut.

Jason & Belove...., pls give yr tel no. Kami cuba mengumpulkan bloggers manjung untuk satu tujuan, Jatuhkan UMNO-BN! Xtvt di manjung kita akan sebarkan kpd bloggers untuk turut sama dlm xtvt DAP, PAS, PKR - Pakatan Rakyat. U can send tru sms, 016 488 9597!

jasonlhling said...

"You can buy a person's hands but you can't buy his heart. His
heart is where his enthusiasm, his loyalty is."
I believed our bro. Teoh Beng Hock held firmly on this principle in life. He spoke the truth and the evils cannot stand the truth. Therefore he was persecuted by the evil one-'men without honor and heartless animal'. He cannot be bought over with money just as our other faithful supporters who had been with us for many many years.Some had worked very hard for their respective parties.
Work smart not work hard !