Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another win for Pakatan Rakyat

Pas candidate En Mohd Fauzi Abdullah won the Manek Urai state seat by-election by a majority of 65 votes, down from 1652 in the March 8th 2008 general election. BN has lost all by-elections in Peninsular Malaysia after the 12th general election: Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang, Penanti, Bukit Selambau and now Manek Urai.

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cindy said...

Humble observations. rightly or wrongly........Tho a win is still a win but PR need to do some post mortem. Is it due to the internal squabbles? Did the Kedah or Penang or the Selangor's quarrellings had caused the reduced majority? Are the coalitions members working together? Are the members experiencing 7 days wonders after not getting anything? Are the members getting too 'big headed' after 308? I have heard of people saying 'Saya ahli majlis when trying to get thru his ways at gov's hospital and gov agencies. They had become so bossy. Some thot they could get this and that but could not. And some try to get publicities and rub shoulders with.... These opportunist never thot of the difficulties the leaders are facing to get all the parties together and at the same time striffing to serve the raykat. All these people are self-centered and arguing over trivial issues and like to go to the press. Some people in positions also try to show their muscles. etc etc etc. Why not we try to serve the people and be blessed.Dun think of materials gains and lobby for this or that. If given-good if not is ok. If everyone serving the people wanted publicity then what about those works that do not get publicity? No one will help? But yet there are many or few nowaday who still serve not wanting publicity be it in sicial, church or in politic.