Saturday, December 13, 2008

DAP Perak Convention


In 1998, when I assumed the Chairmanship of DAP Perak, DAP Perak was at its ebb low with only 1 assemblyman for the Sitiawan Constituency and not a single member of parliament for the whole State of Perak. Sense of despair was every where and at the national level they were even voices suggesting disbanding the DAP. The frustration was that despite our sacrifices the people have rejected us. However, we must admit that at the Perak State level our poor electoral performance in 1995 was also contributed by the factional problems in DAP Perak.

The last 13 years since 1995 General Election have not been an easy one but we persevered because we believe the DAP social democratic principles and the values that DAP members held on to are more noble than the racial politics practiced by BN.

Our perseverance paid off on the 8 March 2008 General Election which saw DAP becoming part of the ruling Governments of the States of Penang, Perak and Selangor. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties won 5 States namely, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan. PR can be said to have worn 6 States because out of 11 parliamentary seats in Federal Teritories PR won 10 seats.

The need to have a new mind set

Having given us the mandate, the people have high expectation of us to deliver and to perform better than BN. We must not disappoint them. If we are proven to be worthy, the next General Election will see the Federal Government falling into the hands of the PR. The village committees, the local governments and the State Government under PR must perform. Party members must now have a new mind set. While in the past we want to be an effective opposition which we must continue to do at the Federal level, we must now be clear of our objectives as part of the ruling coalition in the state governments.

As a Government, we must see to it that the basic needs of the people i.e food, clothing, lodging and transportation are met. People want to see that health care and education are accessible to all. Although health care and education are under the BN Federal Government’s jurisdiction, with the increase number of PR MPs to 82, we must ensure that the Federal Government does not privatize these two areas of service and leaving the responsibility of these 2 services to the private sector.

In all other aspects equal opportunity shall be our guiding principle. In this regard, the poor, the disabled, the single mothers, orphans, the natives and other less fortunate groups will be helped to ensure that they will be able to compete with others thereby giving them equal opportunity in our society.

Cooperation with other PR parties in Perak

I must say that the DAP Perak’s relationship with other PR parties namely PKR and PAS in Perak is excellent. If in the past we have doubts and fear about PAS, the Menteri Besar of Perak who is from PAS has proven to be an excellent leader in holding the view that the different races in the state can be united and come together if we subscribe to the universal values that we as a human race subscribe to.

Therefore, the DAP Perak fully supports the Perak State Government’s 5 principles of governance irrespective of race, religion or political affiliation. The 5 principles are justice (keadilan), effectiveness (kewibawaan), transparency (ketulusan), trustworthiness (amanah) and welfare (kebajikan).

The Way forward

DAP Perak must move forward and the new DAP Perak committee must look into the following aspects to strengthen the party.

(i) Self sustaining

We must generate income to sustain our political work. Members are encouraged to be involved in economic activities like setting up DAPUR (DAP shops), raising funds to purchase commercial building or such other economic activities to generate income.

(ii) Expand our influence

We would like to see that in each of the 59 state constituencies in the state, there will be a presence of DAP. Though we may not be contesting many of the seats, we will be an influence to help other PR parties to win in electoral elections. Through these branches we can also help to serve the people. We hope to increase our present 56 branches to 150 branches by 2010. This will surpass the highest number of branches in DAP Perak’s history.

(iii) Web TV

Due to the limited space and sometimes biased reporting by the main stream media, we would like to see a DAP web TV established by DAP or by DAP Perak in the near future.

(iv) Increasing human capital

Many have shown a keen interest in DAP after the 8 Mac 2008 general as they see hope in DAP. We hope more people will be willing to invest their time, energy and expertise in DAP so that DAP can serve the public more effectively. We welcome all who are willing to sacrifice and serve.

(v) Attracting more Malays and Natives to join the DAP

Due to the propaganda in the past by UMNO, many Malays have shied away from the DAP. After the formation of Barisan Alternatif in 1999 General Election and Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 General Election, more Malays have now come to accept the DAP. A few branches with members mainly from the Malay community will be formed soon. We hope to see more Malays joining the party to truly reflect the multi-racial nature of our party. We hope also to see more Orang Aslis join our party so that we may be able to extend our service to them and more effectively represent this community.

(vi) Sunshine projects

Our Sunshine projects have received praise from the public. Our social works in helping the less fortunate was one of the ways that have endeared us to the public. We must continue this good work.

Election of DAP Perak State Committee

It is my hope that the delegates today will vote in a committee based on the merits of each candidate. The delegates must never allow factional voting based on envy, jealousy or hatred but to vote in people who are willing to sacrifice to serve the party and the people. The ghost of factionalism that exists prior to the 1995 General Election which saw us almost wiped out must never be allowed to return.



aawilliam said...

Why our silent hero Nga Hock Cheh was not elected? The young members never appreciate the old guard, pathetic!

jasonlhling said...

In the real world,one who worked hard seldom appreciated but one who is aggressive and worked 'smart'will be appreciated.Those who worked 'smart' will seek publicities whenever possible.They are selective in serving the people.There is a saying, some people are too honest to be rich. So my advise is dont work hard but work 'smart'
If one helped 100 people, there are pobably 300 people knew that you had helped the people. But if you go to the press, whole of Perak people will know. And to help 100 people, just imaging how many man's hour were needed? So what do you choose? Remember this- People want the front of the bus, the back of the church,and centre of attention.
Another issue in politic is that if you dont 'kill'.... people will 'kill' you. Can you trust anyone in politic? Soft kind person SUSAH nak go up less 'survive' in politic if they ever wanted to. You will be bullied, slandered, smeared.... how long or how many times can one forgive? Forginess is giving up my right to hate you for hurting me.
Come to contribution! Your contributions doesn't serve you well!!!! Your contributions will very soon be forgotten as what sdr Ngah Hock Cheh has sacrificed for the party and its members.This is the'reward'.Same goes to YB Dato Ngeh. Who revived Perak DAP? Who led DAP perak when DAP was in DISARRAY? Who wanted to steer the ship then?
Well I just want to encourage all good leaders-- live simply, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly. Well done is better than well said.Progress only follows after serious reflection. So we have to decide who we want to serve? God or men!