Friday, December 19, 2008

Compassionate leader and caring government

The very first thing on arrival from Beijing after meeting the investors in China, Dato' Ngeh visited the workers in APL Products Sdn Bhd after hearing about their predicaments. The glove factory is in Batu 16, Ayer Tawar which is in his Beruas Parliamentary constiteuncy.

Due to certain unforseen reasons, the employees were not been paid the outstandings salaries. After the caring Perak Pakatan Rakyat government intervened, and negotiated with the management, the workers were paid their salaries. Dato' Ngeh also appealed to the Tenaga National Berhad and the Lembaga Air Perak to continue the services despite the unsettled utilities bills . These will ensure the foreign workers who stay in the factory quarters will continue to have the basic amenities until everything are settled.

There are a total of 319 foreign workers and 80 local workers.Dato' Ngeh had ensures the workers he will continue to provide assistance
to get their December's pay, stop work notices and retrenchment benefits that are accordance to Labour Laws.

Posted by Jason Ling for Dato'Ngeh Koo Ham

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