Monday, August 4, 2008

Clean and Efficient Pakatan Rakyat Government of Perak Gets Free Bridge

Time saved in business is money gained.No coruptions means money saved too.
This is what the present Pakatan Rakyat Government of Perak is practising.
Due to the time saved and reduced cost in businesses, King Ong Development sdn Bhd sponsored the full cost(approximately RM100,000) of building the Kg Cina- Sri manjung bridge in appreciations of the Perak State Government for been CLEAN and EFFICIENT. The bridge when completed will shorten the distant by 5 KM for people who travel from KG Cina, Kg Koh and Pasir Panjang to Sri Manjung especially Manjung Hospital and factories. The said bridge was a dream comes true for the residents in the vicinity after more than 10 years. This bridge will be completed in 2 weeks.
This whole project was decided fast and with people's interest by Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham. The cooperations of the Jabtan Pengairan dan Saliran Perak and Majlis Perbandaran Manjung in this project need to be acknowledged. Their prompt response and actions has helped things get done much easier.
The Pakatan Rakyat Government will continue to make right and quick decisions for fast development of the state. With fast decisions, and no coruption, investors both local and foreign will be attracted to invest in Perak as provened in the increased in investments.
Attached photos were taken during the launching of the bridge building by Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham on 4th August 2008.


Kok-Mun said...

Kudos, Dato' Ngeh. Wonderful that a clean government is possible and in reality. The people benefit, not only those living these places, those from other places who pass by these places, too, I believe. Kok-mun

won said...

From Pantai Remis. I would appreciate if the Pantai Remis Palm Oil Refinery sdn Bhd can upgrade its factory plant.The factory is 24 hours non stop processing palm oil, the by products of palm oil smokes out from factory chimney and smell polluted my sweet home in Pantai Remis. The polluted smokes caused me asthma and can not sleep well at night.Upgrade the factory plant. Ling