Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another DAP's Sunshine Project

Mr KrishnanA/L Subrayan appealed for help due to the fact that, his 3rd son Honasegeran ( 20) was paralysed waist down after an unfortunate motor's accident in 2005. He has another son Yuwaraja (17) also met with an accident 5 years ago where he fractured his leg. His youngest son, Puspanathan (9)
has heart on the right side instead of the normal left.
Honasegeran is now in The Independent Living & Training Centre for the special needs people in Kuala Lumpur. He needs the special wheelchair and the bed to prevent him from further injury. We hope the small part we play can help him in many ways and hope with good advance medical, training and care given he will enjoy the lives as we do one day.

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