Sunday, November 28, 2010

BN seems to be planning a one day sitting again from the agenda sent to Perak State Elected Representatives.


BN seems to be planning a one day sitting again from the agenda sent to Perak State Elected Representatives. Pakatan Rakyat Elected Representatives call for sufficient time to be allocated for elected representatives to debate the matters before the House for this coming State Assembly budget sitting commencing on 30/11/2010.

Last year the Perak 2010 budget was past without debate in 20 minutes by BN elected representatives because Dato’ R. Ganesan position as a Legitimate Speaker was in question and they do not allow that question to be raised.

In the last sitting on 3/8/2010, the BN appointed speaker, Dato’ Ganesan intentionally did not want allow the PR elected representatives to speak on behalf of the people. He decided that the sitting should be for one day only and allow opposition leader Dato’ Seri Mohd Nizar Bin Jamaluddin (who should rightfully the Menteri Besar) only 15 minutes to speak. The Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives protested as it makes a mockery of the State Assembly. Traditionally, there is no time limit imposed on the opposition leader to bring the State matters before the house just as no time limit is set for the Menteri Besar. So long as the matters spoken are relevant and relate to the State of Perak they would be allowed. On one occasion, I spoke for 3 hours as opposition leader and when PR was in government Dato’ Seri Tajol Rosli as opposition leader spoke for 2 ½ hours.

The PR elected representatives protested as they were expected to be given much lesser time to debate especially matters pertaining to their respective constituencies.

Dato’ Ganesan and the BN Perak Government accused the PR elected representatives of making a scene when our objection was to defend democracy. BN Perak Government had planned to make the State Assembly a rubber stamp without a debate. They use hundreds of police to surround and control the State Assembly to ensure that the State Assembly will be a mere rubber stamp to approve what they want.

Just like the last sitting where the matters to be transacted for that sitting were contained in a one day agenda, and subsequently all matters were approved within the same day, all matters that needed to be transacted in this coming State Assembly sitting are also listed a one day agenda.

The matters to be transacted are as follows:-

1. Oral Questions Session.
2. To pass the Perak Malays Higher Studies Scholarship Fund (Amendment) bill.
3. To pass the Perak Nationals (Non-Malay) Scholarship Fund (Amendment) Bill.
4. To pass Wood – based Industries (Amendment) bill.
5. To pass the supply 2011 bill (Budget) amounting to RM832,417,100.
6. To pass a motion to approve the use of RM273,000,000 from Consolidated Development Fund and
7. To pass a motion to approve the Perak Constitutional Amendment to include 4 other titled Raja (Raja Kecil Besar, Raja Kecil Sulong, Raja Kecil Tengah, Raja Kecil Bongsu) as members of the Dewan Negara.

The Perak State Assembly will become meaningless if the above said matters are past in a day without meaningful debate.

The BN Perak Government is expected again to use the police force to ensure that they will achieve their purpose in passing the above said matters without being questioned.

I call on Dato’ Ganesan to declare that he will allocate at least 4 days for debate and call on the BN Government to support my call.

If BN fails to restore democracy in Perak, let the people of Perak oust them decisively in this coming general election.

Dated this 28th day of November 2010.

MP for Beruas & State Assemblyman for Sitiawan


Dharmaraj said...

You are giving wrong information to the public. The sitting was held for 4days. Please see that you avoid issuing do this type of stupid mistakes. You and your cousin should be kicked out from DAP. Good for nothing fools in DAP.

You see YB Kula's statement in the Malaysian insider as follow.

He is a matured politicians and brave enough to bring up issues in Parliament, you and your bloody cousin only read prepared text in Parliament, because you two have no guts to response The BN Mps on the spot.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 — DAP’s Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran urged the federal government today to make the discount on traffic summonses a permanent feature in a bid to prevent backlogs and pacify offenders who paid promptly.

On December 1, the government announced that traffic offenders would receive a 50 per cent discount if they settled their summonses within two weeks from that date.

Ngeh Koo Ham said...

Dear Dharmaraj,
We managed to have 4 days because we fought for it! The Assembly agenda was clear. It was for one day. I do not blame you because you do not know how we fought for it. You also do not seem to know what happens in the Parliam . Parliam rules prohibit reading from prepared text. Your accusation that we spoke from prepared text was an obvious lie It does not reflect good on you for telling a lie and base on your lie condemn others.I commend Sdr Kula for the good work done by him