Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ibrahim Singgeh funeral pictures‏

Media Release,

DAP mourns the lost of one of its veteran members Tuan Haji Ibrahim Singgeh who pased away at 7.40pm on Monday (31/5/2010) aged 92 leaving behind a wife, Puan Hajjah Jamilah Bt Sham, 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was buried today (1/6/2010) at the Kg Sekolah Banir Muslim cemetery in Perak. The late Ibrahim Singgeh was the State Assemblyman for Tapah Road (now Air Kuning) in 1969. He was also a former Deputy Secretary of the DAP. Two years ago DAP Perak held a birthday party at the Dewan Merdeka Tapah to celebrate his 90th birthday.The DAP would like to put on record its appreciation for the services rendered by him to the party and the nation. The Party would like to extend its deepest condolence to the bereaved family of the late Tuan Haji Ibrahim Singgeh. He will be greatly missed by all.

Photos showing:

(1) Ibrahim Singgeh cutting his 75th birthday cake in the presence of YB Lim Kit Siang, Dr Chen Man Hin and the late P. Patto.

(2) YB Ngeh Koo Ham (Deputy SG and DAP Perak Chairman), YB Keshvinder Singh (Assemblyman for Malim Nawar) and YB Chen Fook Chye (Assemblyman for Keranji) representing the Party at the funeral of the late Tuan Haji Ibrahim Singgeh).

(3) Ngeh Koo Ham conveying party's condolence to Tuan Haji Ahmad Murad Bin Ibrahim Age 73 (far right) the eldest son of Ibrahim Singgeh.

Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham
Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas

submitted by DAP Perak


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jasonlhling said...

Hope this will debunk the general public notion that after PR won in the election in 308 the leaderships only look for the rich and the famous/highly educated while sidelined/marginalised the veterans staunch supporters who went thru thick and thin with the parties for many years-some even 30 over years.
Hope the leaderships will appreciate these people before they meet their Maker.

Anonymous said...

your english is incredible............................................................

jason said...

any organisations old n new blood r needed!

RozJas62 said...

Hope DAP can be a truely multi-racial party