Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Media Statement by Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham-DUN Perak

Media Statement

Pakatan Rakyat Perak (PR) heeds the people’s call to move forward and hope Perak BN will do the same by allowing the legitimate speaker YB V.Sivakumar to chair the State Assembly sitting on 30/3/2010. PR state Assemblymen/women will disclose to the public questions and issues raised to ensure accountability and transparency on the part of BN.

Yesterday, all 27 Perak PR elected representatives have submitted their question to the secretary of the Perak State Assembly to be answered by the BN Government at the coming assembly sitting on 30/3/1020. The People are angry that BN has refused to dissolve the Perak State Assembly to pave way for a fresh election to allow the people to decide democratically who to lead the state. Many have indicated to us that they will teach the BN a lesson and vindicate PR in the next general election. Meanwhile, the people want us to move forward for the sake of Perak and PR heeds their call.

I call on Dato’ Seri Zambry bin Abdul Kadir the BN Menteri Besar to also heed the people’s call by allowing the legitimate speaker, YB V.Sivakumar to chair the meeting on 30/3/2010 so that the sitting will not be tainted with controversies as Dato’ Ganesan cannot be a valid or legitimate speaker by any account.

Dato’s Ganesan cannot be a valid speaker as he was elected by the BN elected representatives in a chaotic environment and before the session was opened by his Royal Highness the Regent of Perak. Even had he been lawfully elected, which he was not the Perak Constitution would have declared his position vacant as he did not resign from his legal profession within 3 months from his purported election. His ascension to the speaker’s seat was by forcibly removing the legitimate speaker which is unlawful and an offence. If Dato’ Ganesan is accepted as a legitimate speaker, it will set a precedent that the opening of the Assembly sitting by the Sultan or Regent will no longer be necessary.

In order that the rule of law can be observed, I call on Dato’ Seri Zambry to allow YB V.Sivakumar to chair the Perak Assembly on 30/3/2010 so that the questions can be answered by the BN Government and the debates can conducted in an orderly and lawful manner. For the People’s Sake, PR Perak wants to move forward and we hope BN will also heed the wishes of the people of Perak.

In order to ensure accountability and transparency on the part of the Perak BN Government, the PR elected representatives will in this coming 2 weeks disclose to the public the questions and issues raised by them. Perak BN must answered each and every question or issue raised.

As a start I attach herewith the 8 questions submitted by me. An assemblyman/woman is allowed to ask a maximum of 3 questions requiring oral reply and 5 questions requiring written reply.

Setiausaha Bahagian Majlis
Dewan Negeri Perak
Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Perak, Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

Soalan-soalan yang memerlukan Jawapan Lisan dan Bertulis bagi Mesyuarat Pertama, Penggal Ketiga, Dewan Negeri Yang Kedua Belas Perak Darul Ridzuan mulai 30 Mac 2010.

Soalan-soalan yang memerlukan jawapan lisan

1. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar kenapakah kerajaan BN tidak mengamalkan sistem tender terbuka untuk pengeluaran balak di negeri Perak. Adakah ia bercadang berbuat demikain dan jika ia, bila?

2. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar apakah kedudukan tentang pengumuman Kerajaan BN untuk meluluskan lebih kurang 14,000 hektar tanah kepada Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn Bhd untuk cari gali bijih timah. Berikan butir-butir tentang tanah ini dan adakah ia akan diberikan kepada syarikat itu untuk dilombong jika didapati tanah ini mempunyai bijih timah yang mencukupi untuk dilombong?

3. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar samada Kerajaan Negeri atau Menteri Besar sendiri yang membayar untuk makan malam Persatuan Hai Nan, Pangkor yang diadakan pada 2/8/2009 dan nyatakan jumlah perbelanjaannya. Nyatakan semua jamuan-jamuan yang telah dianjurkan oleh Menteri Besar atau Kerajaan Perak sejak rampasan kuasa pada 6/2/2009 dan nyatakan berapakah perbelanjaan setiap jamuan-jamuan tersebut.

Soalan-soalan yang memerlukan jawapan bertulis

1. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar berapakah jumlah perbelanjaan yang digunakan oleh Kerajaan untuk banner, banting, poster dan lain-lain iklan sejak rampasan kuasa dari 6/2/2009 hingga sekarang untuk setiap sambutan /perayaan. Senaraikan mereka satu persatu.

2. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar jumlah tanah Kerajaan yang telah diluluskan kepada orang perseorangan dan syarikat sejak 6/2/2009 dan senaraikan nama-nama mereka satu persatu.

3. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar berapakah gaji, elaun atau lain-lain bayaran yang dibayar kepada YB Pengkalan Baru sebagai pengarah penerangan, YB Dato’ Chan Ko Youn dan Dato’ Veerasingham sebagai penasihat kepada Menteri Besar ? Nyatakan kerja-kerja yang telah dilakukan oleh mereka dan kenapa Menteri Besar perlukan penasihat-penasihat khas ini padahal Dato’ Seri Nizar Bin Jamaluddin tidak perlukan penasihat-penasihat khas ini apabila meyandang jawatan Menteri Besar?

4. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar berapakah jumlah pelaburan luar negara dan tempatan yang sudah diluluskan untuk dijalankan sejak 9/2/2009 hingga sekarang dan nyatakan nilai-nilai projek-projek tersebut.

5. Bertanya kepada Menteri Besar rancangan pemutihan tanah-tanah ternakan udang dan ternakan air di Perak terutamanya di kawasan Manjung. Apakah rancangan yang telah diputuskan untuk dilaksanakan.

Bertarikh 12 Mac 2010

Dated this 16th day of March 2010

Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham
DAP Perak Chairman
Assemblyman for Sitiawan


jasonlhling said...

Just for sharing from Malaysiakini

Historic Orang Asli show of forceAidila Razak
Mar 17, 10
8:21pmThe historic Orang Asli protest at Putrajaya today has successfully united the once-scattered community, said protest co-coordinator and indigenous rights activist Colin Nicholas.

However, Nicholas is skeptical whether the protest - the largest ever by the Orang Asli community - will change the government's approach towards the community's plight.

About 2,000 protesters attempted to gather at the Putrajaya Mosque and march towards the Prime Minister's office to submit two memorandums to demand more representation at the Dewan Negara and state their objections towards proposed amendments to the National Land Act.

jasonlhling said...

Dato' Ngeh hit Zambry at the right place. From Malaysiakini

Ngeh to Zambry: You can't fool the ChineseHazlan Zakaria
Mar 17, 10
4:43pmBeruas parliamentarian and Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham has challenged Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kadir and his exco to stop acting under “false pretenses” in reaching out to Chinese Malaysians.

He unleashed a tirade today over the BN's 'incompetence' in running the state, hinting that Pakatan Rakyat would do a better job in its place.

"If they want to go to school, please go back to school and let competent people run the state,” he told a press conference in the Parliament lobby today.

Ngeh (left) was responding to a report in the Chinese-language Sin Chew Daily, which featured Zambry and his exco members attending Mandarin class.

"It has been given national coverage by Sin Chew (but) it only shows that the BN exco members are the most incompetent people," he said.

He also told Zambry to stop pretending to put priority on Mandarin and English, describing the state government's initiative to teach its officers the two languages as "only for show" and "not genuine".

Ngeh expressed hope that the Chinese community will not be misled, reminding it of a recent state directive not to hire officers who are competent in Mandarin but to send Malay officers for Mandarin classes instead.

"Learning a language takes a long time. Why can't they treasure the Chinese community by absorbing those competent in Mandarin into public service? These Chinese also have good command of Bahasa Malaysia. Why can't they maximise our resources?" he asked.

He hinted at Zambry's incompetence by claiming that the latter requires two advisers - Perak Gerakan chief Chan Ko Yuan and MIC vice president S Veerasingam - to help him run the state.

"Don't waste public funds and office hours. If it (the current administration) is not competent, then go back to the people and choose a competent leadership to run the state.”

Pakatan Rakyat had won Perak in the March 2008 general election, but lost control of the legislative assembly 10 months later after three state assembly representatives turned 'BN-friendly' Independents.