Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1 st Pakatan Rakyat Convention -Shah Alam

19th December, 2009
Auditorium MBSA,
Shah Alam

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jasonlhling said...

On 5th Dec 2009, my family and I were in Thailand for a short holiday and it happenend to be the King Bhumibol's birthday. One thing that amazed and touched me was that on the night, at around 7.45 most of the Thai citizens stopped whatever they were doing and lit a candle and stand along the road side to sing the Thai national anthem (I believe because I do not understand).
This is loyalty! Patriotism!
I believe there are many good reasonswhy they love the king. Loyalty and respect are earned not demanded.

Therefore with the upcoming PR's convention, I hope the following issues can be addressed by the capable and wise leaders from all the three parties.
1. Common 'logo'/identity
2. Islamic state issue/freedom of
religion especially-everyone be given a chance to hear and understand each others religion and to be saved.
3. Juvenile conversion of religions
4. Vision in education:-
-Gov's allocations to
mission/religious schools
-characters of schools
-Tertiary education's
5. Distribution of wealth and jobs
opportunites for all the races.
6. Composition of rep in the gov
by party and not by race.
7. Common visions, agenda or
8. Issues like gambling,drinking
and 'socializing'
9. Diplomatic relation with Singapore, Indonesia and Israel
10. What we want our Malaysia to become?
God bless Paktan Rakyat and 'heal' Malaysia