Saturday, June 6, 2009

Launch of signature campaign to dissolve Perak state assembly

Daulat Tuanku! Bubarkan DUN.

YB Nga Kor Ming launched a signature campaign in Sitiawan this morning to petition HRH the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the state assembly.

The campaign was kicked off in Ipoh on the 27th of May 2009. To date almost 200,000 signatures have been collected.

YB Nga and supporters in Sitiawan at the launch

in front of YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham's service centre.

In his press conference, YB Nga reiterated the DUN must be dissolved to solve the long-standing crisis in Perak. The people must be given the right to choose the government; the government must be decided through the democratic process and not through a power grab or by the courts.

He also challenged the 3 'BN-friendly' state assemblymen to either deny or admit the allegations made by Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Dr Lee Boon Chye that they received millions of ringgit to be 'friendly' to the BN. They should not remain silent. Let the people know the truth. They should clear their names.

If the allegations are true why did BN pay YB Hee RM25 million and the other two RM3 million each? WHY? Discrimination? Does it have anything to do with the impending coruption cases in the courts?

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rahimmyzoom said...


What a bloody waste of time and bloody hell in collecting signatures with the Babi Negara (BN) will still say most of the signatures are signed by "HANTUs".

In 10 day there is only about 200,000 and PR need more time to collect 1-2 million. I fill it is totally STUPID to do so.

In 'KAPARINN BLOG' and lso 'MISBAHULMUNIR BLOG', I did suggested for PERAK'IAN voter to LODGE POLICE REPORT and is much better that signing the STUPID MEMORANDUM that will end up in the ROYAL DUST BIN.

"ALL YOU THA' GREAT LAWYERs IN PAKATAN RAKYAT (PR), WHY DON'T YOU ALL ADVISE AND PUT UP STANDARD LEGAL STATEMENT DOCUMENT FOR ALL THE 200,000 TO LODGE POLICE REPORT. Just THINK what will happen with 200,000 in front of a Police Station...????? They can not be arrested because THEY wanted to LODGE A POLICE REPORT and try to "IMAGINE" with 1-2 million PR voter infront of the IPD Ipoh Police Station.

With this action, not only Mr. Black Zamjuburi will turn white, the Mr. Kong Kalikong PM Najjuburi will pissssss..... in his pants..... and his Evil Rosmamusuhi will also run and look for a better Aljuburi Hole to hide.

YOU THA' GREAT LAWYERs IN 'PR' DO SOMETHING FAST....... or ALL OF YOU DOS'NT KNOW LAW....????? or YOU ALL "have NO BALLs"....????? to take the challenge and I....iiiiii DARE YOU ALL.