Monday, April 6, 2009

Double Standard of EC

Statement by Ngeh Koo Ham during the lauching of mobile TV in Simpang, Bukit Gantang on Sunday, 5th April 2009:

EC, do not practice double standards

I urge the Election Commission (EC) not to practice double standards. They should pull down UMNO flags and Zambry’s posters/photos.

The EC has instructed its workers to take down DAP flags in Kuala Sepetang. When I asked the EC Chairman of Perak Tuan Haji Ahmad Adli bin Abdullah about this, he said that this was the instruction of Legal Advisor of SPR from Putrajaya. I then contacted the SPR legal advisor and she gave the reason that DAP is not contesting in the by-election.

In that case, I urge EC to pull down UMNO’s flags as well, as UMNO and the Barisan Nasional are separate legal entities and UMNO is also not contesting in the by-election. UMNO flags can be seen everywhere in the Bukit Gantang constituency.

The EC informed me that they do not even allow the photo/poster of Dato Zambry bin Abdul Kadir to be put up as he is not a candidate nor the supreme leader of UMNO. Yet I see Dato’ Zambry‘s posters everywhere in the Bukit Gantang constituency. Where is the consistency of EC?

I urge the EC stop practising double standard, they should conduct a clean, free and fair election instead of acting like an agent of UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

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