Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ngeh- Ahmad Zahid is 'unscrupulous'


Kok-Mun said...

Hi Koo Ham,

Congratulations! Good job, my brother. I thank God for your faithfulness and sense of justice and perseverance.

Kok Mun (kokmun38@gmail.com)

Ngeh Koo Ham said...

Kok Mun,

Thanks for your encouragement.

Kok-Mun said...

Koo Ham,

You're welcome. I'm very proud of you. Let me know if you need someone to bounce ideas off on matters related to mental health and counseling services. I believe Malaysia needs to do better to help folks achieve greater levels of mental health well-being.

Have fun while you're at the helm serving the people you so love.

Kok Mun

aawilliam said...

That's right!!!!,hamtam them cukup-cukup.Don't be too soft toward them(BN ppl)