Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foreigners Can Vote in Malaysia !‏

Media Statement

Clear proofs that non citizens have been registered as voters. Deputy Prime Minister and the Election Commission must no longer be in denial mode.

I am disappointed that Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the Election Commission continue to deny that there are foreigners who are registered as voters in this country.

The following and foreigners are registered in my constituency of Beruas ;

Mykad No. Origin

1. Ghafar Bin Kaum 631020125267 Pakistani
2. Hawa Binti Ochik 201028715448 Indonesian
3. Ahmaddin Bin Rasid 600210125119 Pakistani
4. Bo Rashid Bin Jabboonam 091231617267 Indonesian
5. Arudkanth a/l V. Rajandran 690606085119 Sri Langka
6. Jahatanor Binti Ahmad 480811085446 Jawa
7. Matali Bin Yasir 470110105759 Jawa
8. Esah @ Pesah Binti Mat Saman 301102715082 Siamese

However, a check with the National Registration Department shows that there are no person with such Mykad numbers. The likelihood is that these foreigners have been issued unauthorised Mykads and they have manage to register themselves as voters. On polling day they will be allowed to vote using their Mykads because nobody will know that their Mykads are fake ones. As their names appear in the Voters’ list, they will be allowed to vote.

I also discover the following foreigners who have successfully applied for genuine Mykads and have registered as voters in my constituency:-

Mykad No. Origin
1. Ngoh Boi Teong 420815715105 Siamese
2. Janah Binti Toh Kee Jo 520417085636 Jawa
3. Eyam a/p Ooi Ah Kie 600210095124 Jawa
4. Baharudin Bin Throot 540617085479 Siamese
5. Nor Asiah Binti Hamsin 620529085380 Jawa
6. Sugumaran a/l Murugan 761130086065 Bangladeshi
7. Mustapa Bin Haji Jamil 370817085159 Jawa
8. Chaali a/p Ai Klin 720727025256 Siamese
9. Bahorom Bin Ngadir 510110085747 Jawa
10. Hassan Khan Bin Rahnatullah Khan 730403085227 Pakistani
11. Munaver Ahmad Bin Nazir Ahmad 730822085045 Pakistani
12. Sugarang @ Sughran Bibi Binti Md Yusof 440202085268 Pakistani
13. Mohamad Bin Ibrahim 591028125065 Pakistani
14. Barry Patrick Morgan @ Yusof Bin Abdulla 260902715189 European
15. Jariah Binti Wagiman 470913085616 Jawa

It is a well known fact that many foreigners have been able to obtain Mykads with ease. The complaints I receive is that it will be easier for foreigners to obtain the Malaysian citizenship if they are Muslims.

It has been so difficult for many Malaysian born residents to obtain citizenship for various reasons. Just like the case of Chan Ming Ying, aged 31 who was born in Malaysia and has been living in Malaysia whole of his life. He studied in Sekolah Rendah (c) in Sg Batu and Sekolah Menengah Pantai Remis both in Perak and subsequently in the Johor Bahru Polytechnic. His only ‘sin’ is that his Chinese parents adopted him without going through the proper legal procedure. His adoptive Chinese parents have put their names into his birth certificate as the natural parents which is quite a common practice. His case was detected because his natural father was a Chinese and mother an Indian. His natural parents can no longer be traced. So, his skin is a little darker and therefore, the NRD refused to recognize him as a citizen. He is now a state less person holding a green card which allow him to stay in Malaysia only temporarily.

I call on the Home Minister and the Election Commission to clarify and rectify the above said matters.

Dated this 22nd day of September 2011.

Chairman of DAP Perak
MP for Beruas & State Assemblyman for Sitiawan

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zambry responsble for Belum forest clearing and approval of 68,503 acres of land‏

Media Statement

Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir must come clean with regard to the clearing of 74 ha of land at Sungai Mendelum area in the Royal Belum and the Temengor Forest Reserve and the 68,503 acres of land which he has approved since the grab of power by BN on 6Feb. 2009.

Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, BN Menteri Besar of Perak must own up to the clearing of 74 ha (183 acres) of land at Sungai Mendelum area in Royal Belum and the Temengor Forest Reserve and the approving of 68,503 acres of land since he becomes MB of Perak.

Perak Forest Department Director, Datuk Nik Mohd Shah Nik Mustafa has confirmed that the BN Perak State Government has approved the logging of the above said 74 ha of land. Zambry has approved or alienated so much land away in the last 2 ½ years that he has no knowledge of the locations of the lands he has approved.

Logging has also been rampant in many areas and I have received complaints from locals that rampant logging activities have been carried out in Segari and Beruas.

Internal sources have informed me that Dato’ Seri Zambry has approved a total of 68,503 acres of land since the grab of power in Feb 2009 till July this year! 60,561.75 acres of which are industrial or agricultural land which was approved at the rate RM375 per acre! Obviously the cronies who received such lands will reap huge profits. They are expected to reap profit of at least 40 times the premium paid. The cronies will profit a staggering RM900,000,000 which is more that the Perak State Government annual budget of about RM800 million ! Despite repeated requests at the State Assembly sittings, he has refused to disclose the recipients of these lands.

Under the Pakatan Rakyat Government we only approved land to the landless and the poor at the nominal premium of RM1,000 per ha. All lands approved for commercial farming will be by open tender which will reap in much higher premium for the people.

I believe that Dato’ Seri Zambry has no confidence that BN will win in the next general election or be retained as the Menteri Besar. As such he and his cronies hope to reap as much benefit as possible before the 13th General Election. He will leave behind a host of problems when his cronies who have been alienated the lands or those who bought from them institute eviction proceedings against the farmers who have toiled on their lands for decades.

I challenge him to clear his name with regard to the above matters.

Dated this 20th day of September 2011.

Chairman of DAP Perak
MP for Beruas & State Assemblyman for Sitiawan