Friday, July 30, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat 10 months’ rule saw Perak revenue touch historic high with additional RM103 Million Ringgit.

Media Statement

Pakatan Rakyat 10 months’ rule saw Perak revenue touch historic high with additional RM103 Million Ringgit. 10 months’ Barisan Nasional rule see Perak facing highest deficit in history with RM104 Million in deficit.Request by BN Perak Government for an additional RM80.0 Million proves PR governs the Perak State better that BN.

Perak Barisan Nasional (BN) government had presented a deficit budget of RM39,998,870for 2008. It had also presented deficit budgets for many years prior to 2008.

When Pakatan Rakyat (PR) took over the administration of the Perak Government, it collected an additional revenue of RM103 million without increasing any form of tax or charges on the people. Therefore, there was a surplus amount of about RM63 million for the year 2008.

Pakatan Rakyat when presenting the 2009 budget at the end of 2008, has no knowledge yet that it will be collecting an additional sum of RM103 million for 2008. So, PR being prudent, presented a budget with a reduced deficit of RM25 million.

In view of the increased in revenue in 2008, PR believes that had it been given the opportunity to continue to administer Perak it would also have been a surplus for the year 2009.

Unfortunately, we see BN undemocratically grabbed power in Perak on 6/2/2009. Perak under BN continued to be a year in deficit for 2009.

BN had again presented a deficit budget for 2010 with a deficit of RM23,890,000. As expected with its corrupt and non transparent administration, BN Perak State administration chalked up additional expenditure. It has now asked the State Assembly sitting on 3-8-2010 to approve another RM80 million for its administration.

In the circumstances, BN Perak State Government is expected to register RM103,890,000in deficit for 2010 which is the highest in the history of Perak.

BN Perak Government is paying and giving benefits to Dato’ Chan Ko Youn, Dato’ Veerasingham, Dato’ Hamdi Bin Abu Bakar for holding posts without a job. Why does the government need to pay Dato’ Chan Ko Youn and Dato’ Veerasingham as state advisors with Exco pay and benefits? Is Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir the BN Menteri Besar admitting that he is not competent to government the State or is he just trying to benefit BN candidates who have lost in elections? These are public funds and not his personal money.

BN Perak State Government has announced giving RM50,000 to each MCA division. We believe secretly it is also doing so for UMNO divisions.

Zambry has spent huge amount of State money to put up thousands of posters to promote himself.

Perak BN government also wasted State fund to promote itself by advertising in the media and sending ‘Teachers’ Day’ cards every teacher.

The public demands that BN stop wasting public funds. Public funds are meant for the public and not to promote BN or Zambry.

PR once again calls for open tender of government projects which will save Perak State Government money and also open tender of awarding timber concessions which has proven to bring in huge increase of revenue to the State Government.

I call on the Dato’ Seri Zambry to itemize what the proposed to use the additional RM80 Million for. The people has the right to know the details to avoid it going to dubious projects.

Ngeh Koo Ham
Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Investments in Perak highest during PR's rule

Press Statement

Investment was the highest in Perak during the reign of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

The figures released by Malaysian International Trade and Industry (MITI) for the last 10 years from 2000 to 2009 show that the investment in Perak was the highest when PR ruled Perak.

The investment in Perak in 2008 was RM3,130,017,250. This was despite the fact that PR took over power only after March 2008 and the uncertainty that surrounds the first 2 months of the change of Government after more than 50 years of BN rule. It was also despite the fact that the United States of America and Europe were facing economic crisis in 2008.

Investors were having great confidence in PR after just a short period of its administration. I believe investments would have increased further had it not for the undemocratic grab of power by BN on 6-2-2009.

Due to the grab of power by BN, investments drop drastically in Perak by 71.5% to only RM893,872,874 million in 2009.

Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Bin Tun Razak and Dato’ Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir are to be blamed for dashing to pieces the new hope that PR was bringing to the people of Perak. They killed the economic prosperity that was to follow due to the exemplary rule of Pakatan Rakyat Government which was highly praised by the Auditor General’s office.

Unemployment and low paying jobs continue to dominate the job market in Perak. The people must teach BN leaders a lesson in the coming 13th General Election for putting personal powers and interests above the welfare of the people of Perak.

Ngeh Koo Ham
Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dialogue with Jabatan Perikanan, Miritim & Pantai Remis Area Fishermen

YB Dato Ngeh Koo Ham (MP For Beruas) had dialogue with Jabatan Perikanan & Miritim and Pantai Remis fishermen this morning. This because the Pantai Remis fishermen had faced the problem for 3 weeks since 01/07/2010 and they feel suffer with all the rules & regulations.

Date : 22/07/2010 (Thursday)
Time : 10.30am
Venue : Persatuan Saudagar Peniaga Ikan Pantai Remis
(Hoo Seong Kong Huay)

1) YB Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham given speech to the fishermen on his right hand side are Mr.Liew (Jabatan Perikanan), Mr.Ang & En.Rosli (Miritim)

2) Pantai Remis area fishermen

3) The hall is crowded with fishermen until need to stand at outside the hall

Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham
Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives' respond to 3-8-2010 Perak State Assembly sitting‏

Media Statement

Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives looking forward to an incident free State Assembly on 3rd August 2010. Hope Perak BN Government will cooperate

The Secretary the State Assembly, Encik Rumaizi Bin Baharin @ Md Daud has called for State Assembly to sit on 3/8/2010.

The Perak Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen and Assembly women met last night and have expressed the hope that this coming State Assembly sitting will be incident free. We hope that for the sake of the people of Perak, the BN Perak Government will act responsibly by answering questions raised by the elected representatives and allowed debates to be conducted in free and conducive environment.

We call on the Perak BN Government to cease the following which have occurred in the past State Assembly sittings:-

(i) Allowing the police to surround and invade the State Assembly creating a climate of fear and intimidation.

(ii) Refusing to answer the questions raised by the elected representatives base on a flimsy reason that it was forwarded to the Assembly secretariat by V. Sivakumar, the PR recognized legitimate speaker. Nowhere under the rules is this prohibited. Questions can be forwarded through email, courier, pos laju, normal mail, an office boy or any other person. Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives are willing to forward their questions directly to the State Assembly Secretariat this time round just to avoid the people’s questions go unanswered.

(iii) The microphones of the Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives were switch off to prevent them from debating or asking questions.

(iv) Doors to the State Assembly were locked to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives use only the route designated which is controlled and under the strict surveillance of the police.

(v) Only BN controlled media are allowed into the State Assembly while other media are locked in a room where the audio sound cannot be heard except for selected messages that the BN Government wants them to hear.

The above said incidences have make a mockery of the democracy in Perak. Perak Pakatan Rakyat had hoped that fresh election can be called to restore full democracy in Perak but BN has refused to do so. Until then, for the sake of the people of Perak, Pakatan Rakyat elected representative will continue to bring up the issues affecting the people by asking questions and debating on the issues affecting them.

The question of who is the legitimate speaker is a legal one. Pakatan Rakyat is of the view that from whatever angle, Dato’ Ganesan cannot be a legitimate speaker and Mr. V. Sivakumar is still the lawful and legitimate speaker.

In order that this coming State Assembly sitting will go on smoothly without its legitimacy being questioned, Mr V. Sivakumar will also issue a notice for the State Assembly to sit on 3/8/2010. Again, in order that this coming sitting will proceed smoothly and for the sake of the people of Perak. Mr V. Sivakumar and the other Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives have also agreed to allow Dato’ Ganesan to chair the meeting albeit not as a speaker (as his legitimacy can only decided by law) so that this session can be conducted in an orderly manner and free of any untoward incidence.

We hope the Perak BN Government will respond positively for the sake of the people of Perak.

Dated this 9th day of July 2010.

Issued by Dato’ Ngeh Koo Ham for and on behalf of Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives.

Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham
Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas