Monday, April 12, 2010

BN Using the Police


BN Perak Government successful in using the police to divert attention from its misrule. Call on the police to concentrate on its primary duty of maintaining law and order. The police must also observe law themselves

I am deeply sadden that the media and the people of Perak is focusing this morning on the police investigation against me purportedly for sedition. BN Perak Government has successfully diverted the people’s attention by using the police force. The media and the people should be focusing on the 216 questions raised by the PR elected representatives in the State Assembly which concern the Perak State and the people of Perak. The people of Perak wants to know if the BN Perak Government has approved or intents to approve 14,000 hectare of land to Rahman Hydraulic Tin Bhd for tin prospecting, why timber concessions in the State are not open for tender and the list of persons or companies who were approved land in the last one year since BN grabbed power in the State. There were hosts of other issues that affect the people of Perak which the Perak BN Government must answer.

The primary duty of the police is to maintain law and order. They should be going after criminals but in Perak they have been used by BN to act against Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives. The police instead of answering my demand and the demand of the people that the police stay clear of the Perak State Assembly, now choose to act against me. I will continue with my demand that the police cease to descend in large numbers at the Perak State Assembly or its precincts when the State Assembly sits as it interfered with the independence of the State Assembly. I also question why the Police Force Commission has not commenced its investigation into the conduct of the Perak Police force when so many police reports have been lodge against them? I will continue with my struggle to uphold the democratic institutions of this country to ensure Perak and Malaysia will not become a police state.

This morning I also demand that police must follow the law. The Federal Court in Authony Gomez v Ketua Polis Daerah Kuantan 2MLJ 24 which were also followed in subsequent cases very clearly decided that a person who has any interest in a first information document including a police report is entitled to a copy of the document. Unless a police report is supplied to me I will not be able to give a proper statement to the police as I will not be able to answer in the proper context. I am also demanding this right for the Malaysian public because a person who is called to give a statement or arrested must know why he is called or arrested.

The police have promised me many months ago to get an opinion from the Attorney General’s office but till date has not done so. I call on them to get the legal opinion immediately if they are still of the opinion that the police report cannot be given to me.

Dated this 12th day of April 2010.


Assemblyman for Sitiawan
MP for Beruas

Friday, April 2, 2010

Statement By Dato' Ngeh-Policemen in the State Legislative Assembly

Media Statement

Call on the Police Force Commission to investigate into the conduct of the police force in Perak whose overwhelming presence at every sitting of the Perak State Assembly has negate the very notion that the Legislative Assembly must be free from outside interference.

I refer to the media statement issued by the Perak Chief Police Office (CPO), Dato’ Pahlawan Zulkifli Bin Abdullah yesterday that I will be investigated under Section 4(1)(a) Sedition Act, 1948 with regard to the State Assembly sitting on 31/3/2010. This is a clear indication that the police is actively involved politically to side the BN Perak State Government that was not democratically elected. They have deviated from their primary role of maintaining law and order. They are now actively involved in helping BN find fault with the PR leaders.

I call on the Police Force Commission to investigate into the conduct of the police force in Perak whose overwhelming presence at every sitting of the Perak State Assembly has negate the very notion that the Legislative Assembly must be free from outside interference.

Perak is effectually a police State. The police is used to protect and ensure that the BN which has been rejected by the people in the last general election but grabbed power through undemocratic means stays in power. The overwhelming presence of the police during Perak State Assembly sittings negate the idea of a Legislative Assembly that is free from outside interference.

The police is now trying to find fault with me not because they want to uphold the law. The BN is trying to use them to oppressed the opposition. I will not fear intimidation as I have my oath of office to uphold. If the police truly uphold the rule of law they should have the policemen who invaded the State Assembly and forcibly removed V. Sivakumar from his speaker’s seat on 7/5/2009 charged in court. I challenge the CPO to reveal the names of all those policemen who entered the Perak State Assembly. The police have refused to disclose their names thereby hampering the course of justice. Due to the refusal to disclose the names, the Legislative Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar could not sue them.

The CPO said that the police acted because they followed the instructions of the Speaker. The police followed the instruction of BN and not the Speaker. On 3/3/2009, when V. Sivakumar was recognized by both BN & PR as the legitimate Speaker why did the police ignored his instruction to allow the State Assemblyman and women to convene the sitting of the State Assembly thereby causing the infamous Assembly sitting to be held under a tree? Police have clearly breached Section 124 of the Penal Code when they prevented the elected representatives from performing their duties. Why was no one charged in court? Police takes instruction from Dato Ganesan because he is BN installed.

Police have been violent against V. Sivakumar on 7/5/2009 and 28/10/2009 and other elected representatives on other occasions. We believe they can be violent when instructed. Therefore, there is real fear that they will be violent on 30 & 31/3/2010 when hundreds of them surrounded the State Assembly and occupy the corridors of the State Assembly. The police have permitted many plain clothes strangers into the State Assembly which from past experience could also be members of the police force.

The Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives view the huge presence of the police as an intimidation to overwhelm or overawe them. The State Assembly has always been conducted in an orderly manner with only one Sergeant At Arm in his ceremonial clothes. Even assuming that police presence is needed, 4 or 5 of them will be more than sufficient. In the whole Perak crisis, the elected representatives from both the BN and PR have never used physical force against each other. It was always the police who have acted violently.

I would like to remind the CPO to observe the law and not act on the wishes of BN because he will find himself one day charged in court once he is out of favour with BN or the police force. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Dato Ramli bin Yusoff are examples that he must always be mindful of.

- Assemblyman for Sitiawan
- MP for Beruas